Lace Lichen

December 15, 2022


CindyT_Pismo Preserve Lace Lichen
Photographer: Cindy Todd  

Summary Author: Cindy Todd  

Lace Lichen (Ramalina menziesii) is the official lichen of the State of California. This lichen has a fishnet or lace look to it, hence its common name. Prevalent along the Coast of California, it’s both a source of food and nesting material for a number of different animal species.

As a backpacker/hiker who lives in California, I see it often -- it gives an eerie look to trees on a foggy morning. With the lace structure hanging down off a branch, you sometimes feel like you're in a horror movie where an evil witch suddenly appears. But I love hiking in terrain where lace lichen thrives. Photo taken on July 16, 2022.


Pismo Beach, California Coordinates: 35.1428, -120.6413

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