Lunar Green Flash Sequence

December 20, 2022


Lorenzo_1668252846638_raggio verde (002)

Photographer: Lorenzo Busilacchi 

Summary Authors: Lorenzo Busilacchi; Jim Foster

The photo sequence shows the green flash phenomenon during moonset on May 15, 2022, as observed from Porto Ottiolu, Sardinia, Italy. Most of us have heard the color “blue” used to describe the Moon but rarely is the color “green” mentioned. Green flashes and green colored rims of the Moon occur because of atmospheric dispersion – near the horizon our eyes detect separate images for red, yellow, and green colors. Since green is the topmost color we see, when atmospheric conditions are right a burst of green light may be briefly noted as the upper rim dips below the horizon.  


Porto Ottiolu, Budoni, Sardinia, Italy Coordinates: 40.7374, 9.7079

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