Twinned Rainbow

December 13, 2022



Photographer: Facundo Jauri 
Summary Author: Facundo Jauri  

The rainbow panorama above, composed of 4 photos, was captured over Quilmes, Buenos Aires. It was taken looking east at 17:29 (local time) on September 22, 2022. Notice how this bow appears to split along the highest portion of the arch, creating a different rainbow but with the same color pattern as the primary rainbow, unlike a normal double rainbow where the secondary outer bow has a reverse color pattern than the primary bow. This is known as a twinned rainbow. It's not known for certain just how these bows form, but model simulations suggest that rain showers having slightly different shaped and sized raindrops (spherical and oblate, for instance) could explain their formation. 

Photo details: Canon 6D camera; Canon lens 50 mm; f/8; 1/4000 exposure; ISO 800; stitched and processed in Photoshop.


Quilmes, Buenos Aires Coordinates: -34.72441, -58.26049

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