Milky Way and Summer Triangle

January 10, 2023


Photographer: Daniele Cipollina     

Summary Author: Daniele Cipollina: Jim Foster  

Shown above is a view of the Milky Way as observed last summer from Cavalese, Italy on the night of August 16, 2022. Dark lanes amid the myriad stars forming the Milky Way are clouds of interstellar dust and gas that effectively extinguish any visible light behind them. Note that the asterism of the Summer Triangle is also visible here -- Deneb at lower left, Vega at upper left and Altair at center. North is to the left.

Photo details: Nikon Z50 camera; 16/50 mm;16 mm focal length; ISO 5000; 15 frames of 30 seconds exposure, tripod used. Processing with Images plus 6.5 and Photoshop 2020.


Cavalese, Italy Coordinates: 46.2912, 11.4606

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