Subterranean Cathedral of Salt in Sicily

January 09, 2023


Miniera di salgemma

Photographer: Giovanni Caruso    
Summary Author: Giovanni Caruso   

This rock salt mine is found near the municipality of Realmonte on the island of Sicily and is one of the largest salt mines in Europe. It dates to 6 million years ago. Salt is made accessible by approximately 80 miles (130 km) of tunnels, distributed in 6 different levels, reaching a depth of about 1,640 ft (500 m). The salt that’s mine from here is extracted primarily for cooking purposes. However, industrial rock salt is also extracted for tanneries and dry cleaners.

The Cathedral of Salt was constructed at a depth of 200 ft (61 m). It’s some 66 ft (20 m) wide and 26 ft (8 m) high and has been completely excavated and built with salt. Even the adorning statues and furnishings were fashioned by carving into the rock salt. Photo taken on June 10, 2014.


Realmonte, Sicily, Italy Coordinates: 37.1754, 13.2825

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