The Fisherman and the Full Omega Moon

January 23, 2023

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Photographer: Teresa Molinaro  
Summary Author: Teresa Molinaro; Jim Foster

On the evening of November 8, 2022, I waited for the full Moon to rise above the sea off the coast of Palermo, Sicily (Italy), not knowing exactly what I’d see. Before long I saw this stunning, salmon-colored moon showing a mirage phenomenon referred to as “Etruscan Vase” or “Omega," since it resembles both the Grecian vase and the Greek letter.

This is a type of inferior mirage that occurs when the layer of air just over the level of the sea is quite warm compared to layers of air further above. At first glance it may appear that a 2nd moon is rising directly beneath the first one. In a minute or two, though, both moons merged, forming a reassuring circular shape. A fisherman took part in the scene, admiring this magical moment from the shore.

Photo details: Nikon D7500 camera; 1/320 second exposure; f/5.6; ISO 640; 70/300mm NIKKOR lens.

Sant’elia, Palermo, Sicily, Italy Coordinates: 38.1124, 13.3637

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