Hoarfrost on Sebago Lake

March 29, 2023


JSterson_epod_ice in

Photographer: John Stetson   

Summary Author: John Stetson   

Hoarfrost is shown above on Jordan Bay, Maine (a portion of Sebago Lake), as observed on February 26, 2023. This ornate hoarfrost crystal, perhaps 1 inch or 2.5 cm across, formed overnight on the icy lake surface, along the water’s edge, during clear, calm conditions that allowed temperatures to drop to about 5ᵒ F (-15 ᵒ C). This was the first time this season that ice began to cover Sebago Lake, a notably late start for “ice in” here at 43ᵒ degrees north latitude.


Sebago Lake, Maine Coordinates: 43.85, -70.56666

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