Spaghetti Nebula

March 21, 2023


JohnC_epod_SH2_240_SpagettiNebula_4hoursChumackHRweb2 (003)

Photographer: John Chumack    
Summary Author: John Chumack 

Featured above is Simeis 147 (Sh2-240), better known as the Spaghetti Nebula, in the constellation of Taurus the Bull. It's glowing, nebulous tendrils are thought by some to resemble spaghetti, hence its name. This is an extremely faint object to observe in my Bortle 7-8 skies (Yellow Springs, Ohio). But because I had a nice, transparent night for viewing, I decided to see if I could capture it using my one-shot color Cmos Camera.

Simeis 147 is a very large supernova remnant, about 3 degrees across in apparent diameter (6 full moons across the sky). Some 40,000 years ago, a massive star exploded and left this expanding shell of gas. It's approximately 3,000 light years from Earth. Image taken on February 13, 2022.

Photo details: I captured this challenging object with my Samyang 135mm lens; ZWO 294MC Pro Cooled Cmos Camera; f 4; (120 x 2- minute subs); 4-hour exposure total; AM5 Harmonic Mount; Via Wi-Fi to my I-Pad; processed in DSS; Pixinsight; Adobe Raw CC 2023.


John Bryan Park, Yellow Spring, Ohio Coordinates: 39.7911709 -83.8543727

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