Sun Pillar Observed at Sunrise and Sunset from Sugarcreek, Ohio

March 01, 2023


Bill schultz_pillar epod_image0 (4)

Photographer: Dr. Bill Schultz 
Summary Authors: Dr. Bill Schultz; Jim Foster

Luck was with me throughout the daylight hours of December 20, 2022. From my home in Sugarcreek, Ohio, not only was I fortunate enough to observe a sun pillar accompany the rising Sun (top photo), but I saw another pillar as the Sun was setting (bottom photo).

A sun pillar is a reflection phenomenon that results when atmospheric ice crystals are in the vicinity of the Sun as it’s rising or setting. But to be able to be viewed as a shaft of light that piques one’s interest, these crystals have to be tipped ever so slightly in our direction so that sunlight reflects off of them and toward our eyes. It’s up to us to, well, just look up.

Sugarcreek, Ohio Coordinates: 40.5031, - 81.6410

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