Fort Canning Park Pedestrian Tunnel in Singapore

April 06, 2023

2022 October 10 - Singapore  Fort Canning Park  Tree Tunnel

Photographer: Cindy Todd  

Summary Authors: Cindy Todd; Jim Foster

Near Fort Canning Park in Singapore, pedestrians entering/exiting an underground crossing are greeted by the iconic tree tunnel shown above. When you look up, all you see is greenery -- this beautiful tree is framed by the tunnel opening. The tree forming the tunnel effect is a mature rain tree (Samanea saman). Well known for its large shady crown, it’s native to Central America and can grow up to about 100 ft (30.5 m) tall. When the weather is rainy or cloudy, and also during the nighttime hours, the leaves of the rain tree fold, hence its name. The Fort Canning pedestrian tunnel is a well-known spot by both tourists and locals as one of Singapore’s best photo-ops. Photo taken on October 10, 2023.


Fort Canning Park, Singapore Coordinates: 1.2939, 103.8466

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