Mount Etna Blanketed in Snow

April 07, 2023


Photographer: Rosario Catania  
Summary Author: Rosario Catania 

On November 27, 2022, a mini fracture opened on the northern wall of the south-east crater of Mt. Etna. A harmless but touristy spectacle causing no concern, but emitting slowly advancing lava flows, inside Bove Valley (Valle del Bove). On January 10/11, 2023, a storm brought snow to higher elevations of Etna, presenting it as a wintertime wonderland. The photo above was taken shortly after dawn on the 11th. I was struck by a cloud that casts its silhouette over the south-east crater, putting it in shadow, while the sun illuminates the fresh snow, which lays bare the new lava flow.


Mt Etna Sicily, Italy Coordinates: 37.7510, 14.9934

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