Colorado River at Lee’s Ferry

May 26, 2023


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Photographer: Stan Wagon            

Summary Author: Stan Wagon     

This view of the Colorado River at Lee’s Ferry, taken from high on the Spencer Trail, has several interesting features. There’s a horseshoe not unlike the famous one at Horseshoe Bend, but also there’s a giant sand slope on the opposite bank. The light-colored rock at center right is from the Shinarump formation and above it is rock from the Chinle formation. In the background at far right is part of the Vermilion Cliffs.

The Paria River enters the Colorado at right, carrying a full load of silt with a greenish color. The waters of the Colorado are clear, but this is artificial because of the effects of Glen Canyon Dam. The silt carried by the Colorado ends up in Lake Powell. Beyond the confluence one sees the Colorado River cutting through a vast plain to form Marble Canyon, as it makes its way to the Grand Canyon. The snowy terrain in the rear is the Kaibab Plateau, near the north rim of the Grand Canyon

Photo details:  SONY A6500 camera; 17 mm lens; ISO 500; f/13; 1/1250 second exposure.


Lee’s Ferry, Arizona Coordinates: 36.8657, 111.5868

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