Landscape Undulations and Evening Light

May 10, 2023



Photographer: Juan Manuel Pérez Rayego  
Summary Author: Juan Manuel Pérez Rayego  

At the foot of the castle of Puebla de Alcocer, in south-central Spain, the evening light featured above accents the surrounding undulating plains. When the Sun is low in the sky, depressions in these alluvial plains are quite pronounced. This geographic area is referred to as Extremeña Siberia, so called because it’s in the Extremadura region and, probably because of its remoteness. Note that the greenish appearance shown here (bottom photo) lasts only during the winter months, as most of the year the semiarid climate results in a dry landscape with little color. Photo taken on January 23, 2023.

Puebla de Alcocer, Spain Coordinates: 38.97837, -5.25676

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