Moon’s Nightly Path Across Yuen Long, Hong Kong

May 22, 2023


Photographer: Matthew Chin  
Summary Author: Matthew Chin  

Shown above is the path of the Moon that I observed from my home in Yuen Long, Hong Kong from March 4 – March 11, 2023. All photos were taken at 23:00 local time and between lunar days 13-20. The position of this path will vary each month -- it's higher in the sky during winter than it is during summer. The Moon rises daily with a delay of about 50 mins (1.035028 days) from the previous day. Note that in the photo, west is on the top, and east is on the bottom, so day 13 is at top and day 20 at bottom -- full Moon occurs on day 16 (March 7).

Photo details: Nikon D750 camera; 17-35 mm; 300 mm lens.
Processing: Differently exposed Moon is resized from 300 mm image and pasted into position on the 17 mm photo.

Yuen Long, Hong Kong Coordinates: 22.4445, 114.0222

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