Analemma Captured from Lake Varese, Italy

June 21, 2023

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Photographer: Paolo Bardelli  
Summary Author: Paolo Bardelli

Shown above is an analemma captured from Lake Varese, Italy. The background photo of the lake was taken on the date of the winter solstice, December 21, in 2021. The Sun at this time is at its minimum height on the horizon and therefore at the bottom of the typical "8" figure analemma, which is obtained by photographing the Sun at the same time each day for some prescribed period. In this case, I obtained the analemma from a series of shots taken weekly at 1600 local time, clouds permitting, using a self-made setup (a metal column with a camera attachment positioned with references on a concrete manhole). Note that the summer solstice is the highest point on the loop (upper right).

The analemma is a consequence of Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion, which basically state that the speed of the Earth along its elliptical orbit is not constant. Of course, the inclination of its axis of rotation (23° 26') along the orbit determines the succession of the seasons.

Background photo taken on December 21, 2021. A colony of swans' calls Lake Varese their home during winter, and inevitably at least one appears in every photo showing the lake.

Photo details:

Analemma: Canon 400D camera; Sigma 10/20 mm zoom lens to 10 mm.
Processing: PS CC; Startrails.

Background: Canon 50D camera; Samyang 14mm lens.

Lake Varese, Italy Coordinates: 45.8205, 8.8250

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