Anticrepuscular Rays at Dawn

June 13, 2023



Photographer: Marco Meniero 

Summary Author: Marco Meniero

Shown above are anticrepuscular rays fanning out from the western horizon as observed at dawn from the control tower of Viterbo Airport, outside of Rome, Italy. The nearly full Moon (1-day past full) is descending toward the horizon as is the Earth's shadow (darkened band above the horizon) and the Belt of Venus (reddened strip atop the dark band). Photo taken on February 6, 2023, at 07:13 local time.

Photo details: Nikon Z9 camera; 400 ISO; S14-24/2.8 lens; at 24 mm; f/4.


Viterbo Airport, Italy Coordinates: 42.4207, 12.1077

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