Constructive and Destructive Wave Interference Patterns on Pool

June 05, 2023



Photographer: Joe LaCour 

Summary Author: Joe LaCour 

One day last fall when visiting Victoria, Canada, I took this photo of a coffee shop with an interesting building and water wave feature. It wasn’t until I returned home and was going through my images that I realized there were constructive and destructive wave interference patterns on the surface of the water. As the waves or ripples travel outward, they interfere with other waves in close proximity, creating an eye-catching pattern. It’s unknown whether the designer of the water feature had this in mind. Note that the water is less than 4 inches (10 cm) in depth.

Photo details: Leica M9 Digital camera; 35 mm; f 2; 1/45 second exposure; f 11.


Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Coordinates: 48.4284, -123.3656

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