The Corinth Canal: Connecting the Ionian Sea to the Aegen Sea

June 09, 2023


Canale di Corinto

Photographer: Emanuele Nifosì  
Summary Author: Emanuele Nifosì  

The Corinth Canal is 6.3 km long, 22 m wide and on average 8 m deep. This scenic canal allows small and medium-sized boats to pass from the Ionian Sea to the Aegean Sea without having to circumnavigate the Peloponnese. Suggestive rocky walls, cut almost to overhanging, reach the considerable height of 75 m.

The idea of ​​creating this canal evidently first came to the Tyrant of Corinth Periander in the 7th century BCE, but the first to attempt such an enterprise was the emperor Nero in the first century CE. The Venetians also tried to dig a canal. However, work couldn’t be completed until centuries later thanks to the decisive use of dynamite. The Corinth Canal was finally opened to navigation only in 1893. Photo taken on March 19, 2023.

Photo details: Smartphone; ISO 400; f/1.9; 1/2000 exposure.

Corinth, Greece Coordinates: 37.950053, 22.962362

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