The Moon, Venus, and Magnolia Blossoms

June 28, 2023


Photographer: Tomas Slovinsky   
Summary Author: Tomas Slovinsky   

Shown above is a splendid celestial rendezvous that could be seen on April 23, 2023; the waxing crescent Moon with Venus (at bottom) appeared very close to each other, exactly at the time magnolias were blooming in Slovakia. Magnolis in bloom in Slovakia is a sign that spring has arrived.

If the photo seems a bit odd it's because two exposures were taken from the same position but with different focuses stacked together. Thus, the young Moon appears much brighter than it actually was this evening as its unlit portion looks overexposed. 

Photo details: The excellent dynamic range of my camera along with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) minimized “noise” and helped to preserve the fine details of the image.

Kosice, Slovakia Coordinates: 48.7164, 21.2611

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