Triangulum Galaxy

June 15, 2023



Photographer: Greg Parker 

Summary Author: Greg Parker 

Shown above is a composite image of the Triangulum Galaxy (M33). As its name implies, it's roughly triangular-shaped. Over 12-hours’ worth of data are contained in this image. Approximately 3-million light years distant and only about 1/2 the size of our own Milky Way, M33 is nonetheless the third largest member of our Local Group of galaxies -- M31 is the largest. This beautiful galaxy happens to be nearly face-on to us, like the Whirlpool Galaxy, allowing us to take in all its glory. 

Image details: Taken with the Sky90 refractor telescope and M26C OSC CCD, the Hyperstar III on the Celestron C11 telescope with the M25C OSC CCD, and finally the Hyperstar 4 on the Celestron C11 with the ASO 2600MC Pro OSC CMOS camera. All the data was expertly collated and processed by Noel Carboni (Pro Digital Software).


New Forest observatory, U.K. Coordinates: 50.819444, -1.59

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