Yellow Cobblestone Lichen

June 27, 2023


2023 February 11 - Wind Wolves Preserve  Reflection Pond Trail (1.05 One-Way  2800 ft elevation)  Rock Formation  Yellow Cobblestone Lichen (Acarospora socialis)

Photographer: Cindy Todd  

Summary Author: Cindy Todd  

Yellow Cobblestone Lichen or Acarospora socialisis is a type of crustose lichen. It grows mainly on rocks in arid and open places. In this case, in the middle of nowhere – actually in Wind Wolves Preserve near Maricopa, California. It gets its name due to its cobblestone look, but it also has the appearance of cracked paint. It’s one of the most common lichens in the deserts of southern California. 

Though the color of Cobblestone Lichen may vary, it’s typically a shade of yellow, or yellow green. Considered a pioneer species, it frequently sets up in areas where the biodiversity has been decimated by wildfire and is often the first species to reestablish itself. It grows in various lighting environments, from very sunny to shade. The bright yellow gold color of this particular lichen is what caught my attention. Photo taken on February 11, 2023.


Wind Wolves Preserve, California Coordinates: 34.984167-119.186944

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