Column of Light at Dawn

July 03, 2023


Photographer: Giovanni Tumino   

Summary Authors: Giovanni Tumino; Jim Foster

The soft column of light featured above is a sun pillar that I observed over Punta Secca, Sicily (Italy), at daybreak on March 19, 2023. Ice crystals in cirrus type clouds, tipped slightly toward the viewer, are responsible for these eye-catching shafts of light found above the position of the Sun. Because they result from the reflection of sunlight rather than refraction, they're not favored with multiple colors. Photo taken at 05:52 a.m. local time.

Photo details: Canon EOS R5 camera; Canon RF zoom 100-500 mm lens; 135 mm; f/11; 1/50 second exposure; ISO 200; Photoshop.


Punta Secca, Italy Coordinates: 36.786740, 14.495951

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