Crepuscular Rays and Cloud Shadows Observed from Sharon, Georgia

July 26, 2023


IMG_3295a - Copy

PhotographerRay Major

Summary AuthorsRay Major; Jim Foster

Shown above is a view of crepuscular rays and cloud shadows I captured near sunset while waiting for the sky to darken at the annual Peach State Star Gaze (Georgia). This was definitely one of the most interesting and photogenic sunsets I've seen. The darkened lanes (shadows) result when sunlight is blocked by a cloud or by a lobe of a particular cloud while the bright rays occur because sunlight is able to filter through cloud gaps. Clouds that have at least some vertical development (cumuliform clouds) typically show more attention-getting rays. Photo taken on October 5, 2018.

Deerlick Astronomy Village, Sharon, Georgia Coordinates: 33.5599, -82.7949

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