Full Moon of April 2023 Rising over the Dolomites Range

July 10, 2023

Photo of the Resurrection Easter Full Moon with Pillar of Light

Photographer: Alessandra Masi  
Summary Author: Alessandra Masi   

The panoramic photo shown above of the rising full Moon over the Dolomites range in northern Italy was captured during the evening of April 5, 2023. In Italy and a number of other countries, the full Moon just before Easter Sunday is sometimes referred to as the Resurrection Moon. Here, the soft glow extending above and below the lunar disk results from ice crystals in clouds (or free falling through the sky) that happen to be oriented similarly and tipped in the direction of the camera.

Photo Details: Canon R6 camera; Canon 70/300 lens at 300 mm. Panoramic photo: 1 horizontal photo for Sky: ISO 320; 300 mm; F 5.6; 0.8 sec exposure. 1 horizontal photo for panorama: ISO 320; 300 mm; F 7.1; 5 sec. exposure.

Domegge di Cadore, Italy Coordinates: 46.45666, 12.40724

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