Heaven and Earth Conjunctions: Castle, Birds and the Moon and Venus

July 05, 2023


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Photographer: Orazio Mezzio  
Summary Author: Orazio Mezzio  

With this image, composed of 14 shots, I have tried to tell the story of the moment of transition between night and day, when the pink and gold hues of the golden hour give way to the cooler colors of the blue hour.

In fact, in less than a minute I was able to observe the last flight of the birds at sunset, before they roost for the night. When the Sun disappears over the horizon, birds lose their main reference for orientation and the light they need to forage for food. From my perspective this murmuration seemed to link Heaven and Earth during the 23 March 2023 conjunction, between the sickle moon and Venus.

The ruins of the Castle of Mongialino in the background, complete the scene; a reminder of the inexorable passing of time, as unstoppable as the clouds on the horizon that will in short order move over the fields of this picturesque corner of Sicily.

Photo details: Nikon D750; NIKKOR 50 mm lens.
Castle and Birds, 13 shots - F/2.8; 1/60 second exposure; ISO 100.
Sky, Moon, and Venus - F/9; 2.5 second exposure; ISO 800.


Castle of Mongialino, Sicily, Italy Coordinates:  37.34008, 14.57429

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