Reflection Nebula IC2087 in Taurus

July 25, 2023


Photographer: Greg Parker   

Summary Author: Greg Parker

The nebula featured above at dead center is known as IC2087, found in the constellation of Taurus. This small reflection nebula is visible only because of the presence of a nearby (relatively) hot star, which is hidden here by a thick region of interstellar dust. All of the surrounding dark (and brown) nebulosity is part of the massive Taurus molecular cloud, some 430 light years away.

Photo details: 2 x Canon 200 mm prime lenses; f3.8; 2 x M26C OSC CCDs. A total of 4-hours exposure time using 20-minute sub-exposures.


New Forest Observatory, U.K. Coordinates: 50.819444, -1.59

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