Fireflies at the Fondazione Osservatorio

August 04, 2023


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Photographer: Paolo Bardelli 

Summary Author: Paolo Bardelli  

The photos above showing a multitude of fireflies was taken at the FOAM13 astronomical observatory (Fondazione Osservatorio Astronomico Messier 13) in the province of Varese, Italy. Here, in the Parco Pineta, a protected wooded area of 4,860 hectares (12,009 acres), wildlife of all kinds abounds. In June, fireflies emerge. I decided to take some photographic sequences to document their presence. On this moonlit night, these bioluminescent bugs sort of resemble an asteroid belt. On the bottom photo you can see the 7.5-meter dome that contains the 65 cm., f/5 reflector telescope. Photos taken on June 8, 2014.

Photo details: Sum of 300 x10 second exposure shots; ISO 1600. Taken with a Canon 450D DSRL camera; 28mm lens and with a Canon 50D DSRL using a 14 mm. lens. Processing with Startrails, Photoshop and CC.

Fondazione Osservatorio Astronomico (Varese) Italy Coordinates: 45.71214, 8.93109

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