Furnas Volcano Caldera from Pico do Ferro, Azores Islands

August 28, 2023


Photographer: Pedro Brás   
Summary Author: Pedro Brás   

Shown above from the majestic viewpoint of Pico do Ferro is the ancient caldera of the Furnas Volcano, on São Miguel Island, one of the nine Islands in the Azores. This volcano has two caldera craters. The younger more distinct one, featured here, is approximately 3.7 miles wide (6 km), extending across nearly the entire image. With an age of about 100 thousand years, Furnas Volcano has a history of explosive eruptions. In the past 5 thousand years, ten eruptions have been recorded, all of them trachytic in nature; two have occurred after the settlement of the island, the most recent in 1630. Photo taken on April 22, 2023.

Pico do Ferro, São Miguel Island, Azores Islands, Portugal Coordinates: 37.771916, -25.334203

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