Invasive Yellow Plants Disruptive to Lawns in Public Gardens

August 10, 2023



Photographer: Menashe Davidson   

Summary Author: Menashe Davidson  

Lawns in public gardens serve as a multi-functional space that enhances the overall experience for visitors. Of course, invasive plants can be very disruptive to a lawn, as they can rapidly overtake grass and yard plants (top photo). The severity of the effect of these invasive plants depends on the specific type of plant and the degree of infestation.

The bottom photo is a collage showing four different invasives that I found during my walks through public gardens in Rishon Lezion, Israel. Each of these flowering species presents its own unique beauty, but they’re considered invasive when they overtake a species, such as grass, planted for a specific purpose. Photos taken in March of 2023.

Below are the details of the plants shown in the collage -- clockwise from upper left:

  1. Taraxacum sp., Common dandelion, family Asteraceae 
  2. Lotus sp., Bird's foot Trefoil, family Fabaceae
  3. Oxalis sp., Creeping wood sorrel, family Oxalidaceae
  4. Hedypnois sp., Cretanweed, family Asteraceae


Rishon Lezion, Israel Coordinates: 31.9730, 34.7925

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