Lenticular Skies over Santa Cruz de La Palma

August 29, 2023

Nubes lenticulares collage 2

Photographer: José Fernández Arozena
Summary Author: José Fernández Arozena

Shown above is a montage of lenticular clouds I photographed on the afternoon of June 6, 2023, over Santa Cruz de La Palma, in the Canary Islands of Spain. The Atlantic storm named "Oscar" was nearby the Canaries at the time and brought with it the conditions permitting these orographic clouds to form. As the day unfolded, Óscar's presence became more evident, painting the horizon with a dramatic display of clouds and colors. Strange shapes and vibrant hues filled the sky, captivating the attention of all who gazed upon it. 

Santa Cruz, La Palma Canary Islands, Spain Coordinates: -17.7642100, 28.6835100

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