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August 15, 2023

RickS_Convolvulus Hawkmoth-Agrius convolvuli

Pano-Castle Hill-Townsville-Aus

Photographer: Rick Stankiewicz   
Summary Author: Rick Stankiewicz   

While on vacation on the Queensland Coast of Australia a few years back, I was at Castle Hill Lookout, surveying the city surroundings of Townsville when I spotted something I was not expecting. In broad daylight I detected a cryptically colored moth that blended in with its surroundings in more ways than one. Not only was its gray coloration and pattern reminiscent of its surroundings, but the size and triangular shape of this Convolvulus Hawkmoth (Agrius convolvuli), fit nicely into the triangle cut of the gray portion of a granite monument that was located in the middle of the parking lot. This monument is dedicated to Captain Robert Towns, for whom Townsville is named. This moth was so well camouflaged that I surprised myself in actually spotting it. It pays to be aware of your surroundings as you never know what might be hiding in plain sight.

Castle Hill (Aboriginal name “Cudtheringa”) is a large pink monolith that dominates the landscape around Townsville (bottom photo). This monadnock or inselberg formation originates from the Carboniferous – Permian period, around 300 million years ago. It rises to a height of 286 m (938 ft.) above sea level and gives commanding views of the surrounding coastal region. Photos taken on May 4, 2014.

Photo details: Canon Digital Rebel XTi camera; ISO 200; f/13; 1/640th second exposure.


Castle Hill Lookout Queensland, Australia Coordinates: -19.2584, 146.8005

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