Rising Full Moon Above Penna Furnace, Italy

August 21, 2023



Photographer: Filippo Galati  
Summary Author: Filippo Galati  

The full flower Moon is shown above rising majestically over the ancient Penna Furnace at Sampieri, Italy. The Moon shows the typical red/orange coloration that occurs when it's low on the horizon, as its light has to pass through a greater thickness of atmosphere causing shorter wavelength blue colors of the spectrum to be more effectively scattered than longer wavelength red colors. Note that a penumbral lunar eclipse was in progress, which slightly reduced the Moon's brightness, visible at upper left. Photo taken on May 5, 2023.

Photo details: Sony ILCE-7M3 camera; Sigma 100-400 lens - 400 mm; 1/30 second exposure; f/8; ISO 640.


Penna furnace at Sampieri, Italy Coordinates: 36.7126, 14.7576

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