Colorado’s Alpine Wildflowers

September 22, 2023





Photographer: Stan Wagon 

Summary Author: Stan Wagon 

July is the peak month for spectacular wildflowers in the high alpine meadows of Colorado. Here are some of my favorites from Summit County, Colorado, all between 12,500 and 13,100 feet (3,810 and 3,993 m).

Globe gilia (Ipomopsis globularis). The only place in the world that this species exists is on the high ridges near Breckenridge, Colorado.  

Whiplash saxifrage (Saxifraga flagellaris). Note the distinctive whips emanating from the succulent-like base.

Glacier Lily (Erythronium grandiflorum) - with snow in background.

Twisted gentian (Gentianopsis barbellata). These are usually a shade of purple, so this brightly blue specimen is rare. This photo was chosen as runner up winner in 2022 contest of Colorado Native Plant Society

Photo details: SONY A6500 camera; 30 mm macro lens, colors unedited.


Summit County, Colorado Coordinates: 39.5912, -106.0640

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