Green Flash Observed on Sunspots

September 21, 2023


PhotographerMarco Meniero  
Summary Author: Marco Meniero

Green rays (flashing) are well known on the Sun’s upper and lower rims during sunrise and sunset, respectively. However, green rays can also be observed on the lower edges of large sunspots as they are much darker than the Sun (photosphere) itself. On the evening of July 11, 2023, from Viterbo, Italy, I was successful in photographing the green ray on Sunspot AR3363. In the images above I propose that you can see mainly four effects:

Refraction that flattened the solar disk.

Atmospheric absorption with scattering, making the solar disk redder.

Green flash is visible on almost all sunspots.

Green segment is visible on the upper edge of the solar disk in both shots.

Photo Details: Nikon Z9 camera; APS-C mode; Nikon Z 400/4.5, plus 2X doubler (equivalent focal length of 1200mm). Exposure time of 1/32,000 seconds; f/20 at 18:35 TU for the first solar disk. Exposure of 1/32,000 seconds; f/11; 400 ISO at 18:41TU for the second solar disk. Exposure of 1/28,000 seconds; f/14;100 ISO; at 18:36TU for the enlargement of the sunspots with the green beam.

Viterbo, Italy Coordinates: 42.4207, 12.1077

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