Icelandic Eruption and Crescent Moon

September 20, 2023


Photographer: Lukas Moesch  
Summary Author: Lukas Moesch 

The 2023 volcanic eruption of Fagradallsfjall in Iceland began on July 10. However, just one day later I was able to stand very close to the erupting volcano. While photographing the eruption all through the night of July 11/12th, I noticed the waning crescent moon rising in the opposite direction from where I was shooting. Luckily, I had a special drone with me, allowing me to photograph at 166 mm focal length. With this focal length  I only had to wait for the perfect lava fountain and capture this fleeting moment in time. The final image looks like it comes from another planet, but yes this is our beautiful planet Earth!


Fagradallsfjall, Iceland Coordinates: 63.905, -22.2725

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