Medusa Nebula

October 31, 2023



Photographer: Charles Lillo  
Summary Author: Charles Lillo  

Astrophotography is a fascinating hobby that requires specialized equipment and techniques to capture the beauty of the night sky. Using narrowband H-alpha and Oxygen III filters, earlier this year I took an image of the Medusa Nebula, a stunning emission nebula located in the constellation Gemini. The Medusa, some 1,500 light years away, is a favorite target of astro photographers due to its intricate structure and vivid colors. It’s shown here in all its glory.

With the help of my 8" Cassegrain reflector telescope, I was able to capture the intricate details of the nebula's complex structure, which is somewhat shaped like the head of the mythological creature it’s named after. The H-alpha filter highlighted the emission from ionized hydrogen gas, while the OIII filter showed the emission from doubly ionized oxygen atoms. The resulting image is a mesmerizing display of cosmic beauty, with bright tendrils of gas and dust stretching across the frame in an eye-catching interplay between hydrogen and oxygen. Photo taken in Davie, Florida on April 8, 2023.


Davie, Florida Coordinates: 26.0765, -80.2521

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