Phases of Venus

October 06, 2023


Photographer: Roberto Ortu  
Summary Author: Roberto Ortu

This mosaic features my best views of the planet Venus as observed this past spring and summer (May 23, 2023 - August 8, 2023) from Cabras, Sardinia, Italy. Venus’ phases (similar to that of our moon) and the increase in its apparent diameter result when it "approaches" the Earth during the course of its orbit around the Sun.

From the left you can see the gibbous phase of the planet with an illuminated percentage of just over 50%, then the crescent phase in which its percent illumination progressively reduces to become a very thin sickle. The phases of Venus were first observed by Galileo Galilei in 1610.

Photo details: Celestron telescope 114/910 Newton Planetary camera QHY5L-II-C; Barlow lens; 2.5X Tecnosky UV IR cut filter. Software: Sharpcap 4; PIPP; AS!3; Astrosurface U3; GIMP.


Cabras, Sardinia, Italy Coordinates: 39.923075, 8.540492

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