Rain Shower Cloud has Its Own Rainbow

October 16, 2023

Rainbow_and_cloud_Slovakia (1)

Photographer: Viktor Belicak  
Summary Author: Viktor Belicak  

During a summer photo-trip to Zamagurie region of Slovakia a few years ago, I was hiking in to the Pieniny National Park and witnessed this peculiar rainbow. The rain shower causing the bow was coming from a lone cumulus cloud. Once the cloud began to dissipate, this fleeting bow quickly disappeared. Because the shower, no matter how brief or isolated, was in the viewer's line of sight, the raindrops were of the right size, and the viewer was between the bow and the Sun, all the ingredients were in the mix to form a rainbow. Photo taken on June 20, 2020.

Photo details: Nikon D850 camera; 55 mm; f6.3; 1/640 second exposure.

Pieniny National Park, Slovakia Coordinates: 49.4192, 20.3863

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