Cirrus Clouds Above the 38 Degree Pyramid Marker

November 21, 2023

2023 09 17  Sunset - Piramide

Photographer: Vincenzo Russo
Summary Author: Vincenzo Russo  

Shown above is a formation of cirrus clouds above the “Pyramide 38th parallel,” an imposing metal sculpture nearly 100 ft (~30 m) high placed exactly at the thirty-eight parallel (latitude) on a promontory overlooking the Tusa Valley in Sicily, Italy. This hollow marker is part of a group of outdoor sculptures known as “Fiumara d’Arte.” The Pyramid’s interior can be visited only once a year, on June 21, during a mystical and evocative ceremony called “Rite of Light.” Note that in eastern Asia the 38th parallel (north) approximately demarcates the border between South and North Korea. Photo taken shortly before sunset on September 17, 2023.

Photo details: Nikon Z 6II; Nikon 24-120 mm lens; f/4 G; 24 mm, f/9; ISO 100.

Tusa Valley, Italy Coordinates: 38.00, 14.28

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