Brocken Spectre in the High Tatras Mountains

November 22, 2023


Photographer: Viktor Belicak  
Summary Author: Viktor Belicak   

A few weeks back, I saw my “second self” in the clouds above the High Tatras Mountains of Slovakia, near the top of the Krivan Peak (8,186 ft or 2,494 m). This amazing Brocken Spectre, consisting of my shadow surrounded by colorful rings (glory), formed in a layer of fog as the Sun shone behind me. To see this phenomenon, it’s necessary to look toward the antisolar point. It lasted only until the fog began to dissipate. Photo taken on August 19, 2023.

Photo details: Taken with Nikon D850; ISO100; 1/320; f/8; 28mm focal length.

High Tatras, Krivan Peak, Slovakia Coordinates: 49.1625, 19.9999

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