Rainbow Wheel over the Strait of Messina, Italy

November 17, 2023


Photographer: Fabio Di Stefano   
Summary Author: Fabio Di Stefano

I had the pleasure to be able observe this delightful rainbow and rainbow wheel over the Strait of Messina, Italy as the Sun was setting on September 24, 2023. A light rain shower had just passed, and although the western sky was sunny, cumulus clouds were on the horizon. Where these clouds blocked the Sun’s rays, lanes of darkness (crepuscular rays) stretched all the way across the sky – referred to as anticrepuscular rays opposite of where the Sun is setting (or rising). Note that the rays appear orthogonal to the rainbow fragment itself, and in fact converge at the center of the rainbow, which is the antisolar point.

Photo details: Canon EOS M6 camera; Canon ef-m 18-150 mm lens; f/3;.5-6.3; ISO 100, focal 70 mm focal length; f/6.3; 1/500 second exposure time.

Strait of Messina, Italy Coordinates: 38.2332, 15.6368

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