STEVE Captured over Northern, Michigan

November 03, 2023

Lucy_epod__DSC1027 (003)

Lucy_epod__DSC1077 (003)

Photographer: Lucy McClellan-Hunter   

Summary Author: Lucy McClellan-Hunter; Jim Foster

On the night of September 18, 2023, I finally captured the aurora-related phenomenon known as STEVE. Seeing these breathtaking northern lights from my home near Northport, Michigan was the payoff for many nights of hopeful observing. STEVE is an acronym for Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement. Unlike most all other auroras, these mostly purple and greens streams are believed to form from a concentrated ribbon of rapidly moving, hot particles. Also, whenever they’re detected, green picket fence type of aurora, as seen here on the bottom photo, often appears in the sky at the same time.


Northpoint, Michigan Coordinates: 45.1314, -85.6168

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