Another Look at Venus During Daylight Hours

December 12, 2023

Venus above Italian monuments high - 2023

Photographer: Paolo Palma

Summary Author: Paolo Palma

 Featured above is a collage of daylight photos of Venus as observed from the shade of important Italian monuments. Of course, to capture Venus in daytime you have to know just where to look, and also make sure to use extreme caution when looking anywhere close to the Sun. These photos were taken with a Nikon camera during Venus’ inferior conjunction as I positioned myself next to the some of my favorite monuments. Once I had identified the area of sky where the planet should be located, it wasn’t difficult to spot since I was viewing from deeply shadowed areas.

Note that these photos were not all taken at the same time of day. Yet if we exclude only the third photo (taken in the early morning), the sequence of the others shows the variation of Venus' phases from before, during and after the inferior conjunction of August 13, 2023. Click here to see videos of my observations.


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