Crab Spider

December 07, 2023


Photographer: Michela Meda  
Summary Author: Michela Meda  

The Thomisus Onustus is widespread throughout almost all of Europe and northern Africa. Because of its forwards and sideways movements, it’s also called the crab spider. To feed itself it doesn’t weave a web, rather it directly hunts its prey (insects) using deadly ambushes, attacking with a poisonous bite. It’ll go after bumblebees and even wasps. The bite of the crab spider is harmless to humans, though.

Males are smaller than females, sometimes only half as big as a large female, which may reach 10 mm across. The females are lighter in color, yellow and white (shown above) are common colors, whereas males are generally brownish. Reproduction occurs in late spring and summer. Photo taken on June 18, 2023.

Carnago (Varese), Italy Coordinates: 45,723; 8,8353

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