Fire Umbrella over Mt. Etna

December 15, 2023


Photographer: Gianni Tumino  

Summary Author: Gianni Tumino

The "fire umbrella" shown above results from an altocumulus standing lenticular cloud, draped over Mt. Etna, that's illuminated by the glow of a minor eruption. As I could observe the formation of this lenticular cloud, I decided to make my way to a location where I was able to capture this breathtaking phenomenon. Photo taken on November 11, 2023, just past midnight (local time).

Photo details: Canon 6D, Mark II Camera; Canon EF 200mm. lens; f/2.8; f/5; 5 second exposure; ISO 6400; LightRoom and Photoshop software.


Milo, Mount Etna (Sicily), Italy Coordinates: 37.716667, 15.116667

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