Omega Sunrise

December 28, 2023


Photographer: Teresa Molinaro  
Summary Author: Teresa Molinaro  

Late July 2023 across the southern Mediterranean region was characterized by hazy skies with episodes of airborne Saharan dust and sand. On the morning of July 20, I was determined to go out early to photograph the sunrise, and when I reached my destination, Santa Flavia, Sicily, I was greeted by atmospheric mirages, in particular and optical phenomenon referred to as the Omega Sun, since it looks similar to the Greek letter of that name. It forms as a result of temperature inversions occurring just above the sea surface that strongly refract sunlight. Note that sunspots are also visible on the solar disk.

Photo Details: Nikon D7500 camera; f /8; 1/250 seconds exposure; ISO 400; 300 mm Nikkor lens.

Santa Flavia, Sicily, Italy Coordinates: 38.0833, 13.5253

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