Comparison of Arches in Southern France

December 14, 2023



Photographer: Jim Bucko

Summary Author: Jim Bucko

Here’s an interesting comparison of arches my fiancé and I saw on the same day during our travels in France this past summer. The first picture shows the Pont D’Arc. This natural arch was carved by the river Ardeche and stands 194 feet (59 m) high.
The second set of arches is believed to have been built in the middle of the first century during the reign of the Roman emperor Claudius. It was built to support an aqueduct over the river Gardon to supply water to the Roman colony of Nimes. At 160 feet (49 m) high, It's the tallest aqueduct built by the Romans.
River Ardeche, France Coordinates: 44.2644.648
River Gardon, France Coordinates: 43.8524.615
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