Scorpius and Rho Ophiuchi

December 03, 2023

Scorpio for EPOD

Photographer: Simone Lochi   

Summary Author: Simone Lochi

Shown above is the constellation Scorpius with details of the nebular region of Rho Ophiuchi, one of the most colorful in the sky. The red supergiant star Antares (the heart of the scorpion) bathes the entire region with its reddish light. Note that several young, blue stars somewhat temper Antares widespread glow. Photo taken on June 24, 2023.

Photo details: 27 unguided shots of 2 minutes each at 120 gain (just under an hour of integration); ASI 294 MC PRO Samyang camera; 85mm; f/4; IDAS LPS P3 filter.


Cabras (Sardinia) Sinis Peninsula, Italy Coordinates: 39.933, 8.533

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