Distant Thunderstorm over the Mediterranean Sea and Lunar Corona

December 06, 2023

20230925 Fulmini Maganuco-Migliorato-NR web

Photographer: Alessia Scarso  
Summary Author: Alessia Scarso  

The photo above shows a distant thunderstorm over the Mediterranean Sea as observed from the seafront of Maganuco, Sicily on the evening of September 25, 2023. It’s a composition of 17 photos taken over 25-minutes. Click here to see a time lapse of this storm. As it moved further away (closer to the horizon), the sky began to clear overhead, allowing the Moon and stars to become visible. Note that because of the lengthy period of this composition, the stars show their telltale trails. Also noteworthy is the colorful lunar corona.

Maganuco, Modica, Sicily, Italy Coordinates: 36.715184, 14.810455

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