Great Salt Lake and Surrounding Shoreline

January 30, 2024


Photographer: Patrick Wiggins
Summary Author: Patrick Wiggins 

This image, taken on 25 December 2023 while flying a small airplane over Interstate 80 and the south shore of Utah’s Great Salt Lake, shows a river delta extending into the ever-shrinking lake. The land mass in the background is Antelope Island, but with the lake level being so low it might be more accurate to refer to it as a peninsula.

Part of the reason for the low lake level is that more and more of the water that used to go to the lake is being diverted for agriculture. An unfortunate side effect is with more of the lake bed being exposed and turning to dust, toxic materials in the dust are increasingly being blown into populated areas downwind from the lake.


Great Salt Lake, Utah Coordinates: 41.1158, -112.4768

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